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FRIEND of I Am My Bodyguard

Should you become a friend of I Am My Bodyguard you will be supporting us in many ways.

Be Our Friend

By becoming a friend of I Am My Bodyguard, you will be supporting us in many ways.

Whether you contribute in kind or by spreading the word, your support is invaluable to us. A simple gift, however big or small, will go a long way in helping us giving children and women the Life Skills tools they need and enabling us to reach out to more women and children worldwide. The I Am My Bodyguard FRIEND plan starts at USD50/year upwards.


50 USD


100 USD


200 USD


300 USD


500 USD or more


We are always looking for motivated volunteers who believe in the IAMB Foundation’s cause and are willing to dedicate time and passion to promote our workshops, assist with fund raising and maybe even join our trainer team for a workshop.

Donor to I Am My Bodyguard 

The Donor is an individual who is interested in supporting I Am My Bodyguard for a certain period.

Become a Donor

To become a Donor of I Am My Bodyguard, you will be committed to an annual donation over a three-year period.

This will enable us to commit to a three-year planning cycle. A regular donation from you means we can spread our costs over the financial year, because we know we can rely on your kindness and generosity.