I Am My Bodyguard


The path towards achieving our primary objective which is to ensure children and women can protect themselves against gender and sexual based violence has been greatly successful, thanks to people like you!


In 2013, Excel Security Solutions worked under the supervision of counsellors and children psychologists of an international non-profit organization — Innocence in Danger (IID) – to develop a workshop specifically targeting children who had been sexually abused, to help them regain their confidence; this was the beginning of the initial I Am My Bodyguard workshop.
With the success of the initial I Am My Bodyguard workshop for children, Excel Security Solutions decided to develop a course specifically for some of the victims’ mothers, who were too often also victims of abuse. This program was named Fight Like a Girl!

Over time, Excel Security Solutions has split the initial I Am My Bodyguard program into several age-appropriate workshops; covering children in the age-range of 6 to 16 years. The overall name of these workshops is still I Am My Bodyguard; they are continuously further developed and can be adapted to specific requests and environments.


Over the years Excel Security Solutions has trained thousands of children and women on personal security and safety awareness in Switzerland and in other countries. Today, we offer I Am My Bodyguard and Fight Like a Girl as prevention workshops to the general public, youth clubs and local and international schools in Switzerland and around the world.

Innocence in Danger (IID) is part of an international network of organizations that works for the protection of children. I Am My Bodyguard Foundation aims to offer both workshops to as many children and women as possible. Please be part of it.