I Am My Bodyguard


Become part of something rewarding and educative enabling students to learn how to collectively make a positive difference in the world.

There are many ways your educational institution can collaborate with I Am My Bodyguard. To make all of this possible we need schools that are looking to make a difference.


Invite our trainers to come to your school for I Am My Bodyguard  workshop. Gender-based violence cuts across all social, religious and economic boundaries, so the workshop is also valuable for your students. Partner with I Am My Bodyguard to make your students aware of this valuable life skill.

We will use the proceeds from the workshop to teach other children this valuable life skill who may not be able to pay for it. The kid for kid workshop will enable your students to learn more about the program, learn a valuable life skill, and get involved in philanthropy by helping less privileged kids access the training.


There are many positive benefits to the promotion of I Am My Bodyguard in your school. We will work with your school or institution to enable your students develop a social conscience, and a sense of citizenship to inspire a broader sense of social responsibility through charitable activities within their local communities.

One of the simplest and familiar approaches to fundraising is asking members of the public to give money, it has always been a popular way to raise money for charity. We will work with your school and the students by providing them with the necessary information and equipment to raise funds and build awareness of what we do to family, friends and the public.

Proceeds raised after costs, will go towards running workshops for children who cannot afford to pay.


We are always looking for motivated volunteers who believe in the  I Am My Bodyguard Foundation’s cause and are willing to dedicate time and passion to promote our workshops, assist with fund raising and maybe even join our trainer team for a workshop.