I Am My Bodyguard


Leave a positive social impact by partnering with us to help us expand our reach and impact more lives.


Our shared world depends as much on an increase in moral sensibility as it does on a sense of duty to the less fortunate. Albert Einstein said, ‘Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile’. We work with family foundations, wealthy individuals and families to drive philanthropy in support of our programs worldwide.

A child and its mother who learn to protect themselves are less likely to falls victim to general and sexual violence and suffer from all the negative consequences associated with it. Your investment will prevent serious adverse effects on the workshop participants’ lives, long-term health, education, employment, and economic well-being.

We would like you to play a vital role in supporting I Am My Bodyguard. If there is a country where you would like to introduce I Am My Bodyguard as a unique preference and philanthropic goal, we will be honoured to follow through.